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Biofeedback is a mind–body technique in which individuals learn how to modify their physiology for the purpose of improving physical, mental & emotional well-being. Thanks to the efforts of scientists like Tesla,  Einstein and many others, we know that the Universe is 98% energy!  Everything found on, in, under, and above the Universe has its own dynamic energy. Our entire body continually vibrates at a subtle level, moving energy and information through the connective tissues that encase us.

Lisa Doyle-Mitchell is a Certified Biofeedback Specialist by the Natural Therapies Certification Board. She is licensed, insured, and trained on the L.I.F.E. System, a non-invasive biofeedback device that scans nearly 7,000 energy patterns. By identifying which energy vibrations are out of balance, the system can put them back into harmonic balance allowing your body to return to a state of rest and healing.

"Biofeedback was one of the tools I chose to be part of my personal recovery through Multiple Sclerosis. It brought a voice to my subconscious as to the underlying cause of this bump in my road, which lead me to a break through. My body recognized certain vibrations, and registered a stress response accordingly. Because the biofeedback system made use of the information obtained when assessing my energy field it was able to identify which vibrations were out of balance, training me to put them back into balance, which allowed my body to return to a state of resonance. I continue to use biofeedback to maintain my well-being to this day." - Lisa Doyle-Mitchell

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