About Lisa

Hello ~ My name is Lisa Doyle-Mitchell. In 2005 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. From the first moment upon hearing the diagnosis, I did not accept this illness. Something in me knew that I could heal. I believe this determination is part of what saved my life. I realized that in order to heal my body that I had to heal my life and let go of toxic emotions and belief systems that were destroying my health. I want to share my experience with others, to give those who may be facing a similar diagnosis of MS or any other auto-immune disease, hope and a new perspective. I am very, very grateful to be able to share my personal journey of healing and empowerment with you!

On Oct. 19 2005, I woke up seeing double. I felt very fuzzy in my brain and extremely tired. I went to my doctor who sent me for a brain scan. It came back negative. I went to a neuro-opthomologist who sent me for a brain and opti scan. It came back negative, which prompted my doctor to send me for an MRI, which revealed four lesions on my brain. He diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis.

I told him that I could not accept his diagnosis, and he told me I was in denial. After allowing myself a half hour pity party, I set a clear intention to overcome this. I always believed whatever manifests in your physical body is connected to your mental and spiritual bodies. I held onto one thing he said to me after he showed me the MRI, pointing to 4 Lesions on my Brain, he said “Here are your Lesions and they can be old, but nonetheless, you have MS.”  I took away my Scans along with my own mindset of, “this can be old".

I began to take a very deep look at my life and reflected on how this situation had come about.  What I came to realize through my exploration was that one year prior, I had received profoundly bad news from a family member, which left me feeling grief and abandonment. I then understood just how deeply I had internalized this and that I had held on to this baggage all along with a great deal of resentment. I named my Four Lesions. They were people in my life that I harbored resentment against and 2 of my Lesions were my care takers. Radical Forgiveness was my first Tool that I chose to Rock Out.

I was seeing double and I had to wear an eye patch to balance my vision; I lost hearing in my left ear; I was in a permanent state of vertigo and could not sit up or stand without feeling nauseous. I could not get out of bed and felt good only when I slept. I continued to looked deeply into my life and determined some emotional connections. I noticed that in my life I was not seeing straight at all. I wanted to see what I expected and not what was really happening. This is why I had double vision. I noticed that I was not listening to my inner guidance (spirit), which is why I lost my hearing. My way of thinking clearly was not balanced, which is why I was in a permanent state of vertigo.

Being bedridden with relentless exhaustion allowed me to be the recipient of unconditional love, which I had pushed out of my life. If I didn't change from the inside out, my body would continue to deteriorate and take control of my life; this was not acceptable. My road to healing included reaching out for help: a big stretch for me. Every time I got a helping hand or words of encouragement, I was beyond grateful. And the more grateful I was, the more gifts came to me.

Friends and clients dropped off literature, made health drinks and gave me massages. My friend Pina O. dropped everything and supported me with Massages, Ear Candling and Research & one of my resources was Natural Awakenings Magazine.  My Parents cooked, helped me with my son Jordan who was 9 yrs old at that time. Jordan became my light of hope; My Purpose.  A company I worked for in Brooklyn, N. Y., The League Treatment Center, took up a collection and sent me thousands of dollars because I had no health insurance. These are just a few of the gifts that came. The best gift of all was the love I allowed into my world. I could not believe I pushed it out for so long. It was God giving me the opportunity to feel again.

I met Elizabeth H., who owned a Wellness Center in Northport FL, who now resides in Hawaii. She helped me explore alternative therapies such as Biofeedback, Acupuncture, Herbs & being open to receiving what I need to know for my highest good – in turn. I opened my heart and soul and declared, "Let thy will be done." Eight weeks after my diagnosis, and my first treatment with Elizabeth, my eye patch was irritating me. I took it off and was able to see. Elizabeth created a nutritional plan, affirmations and spiritual exercises that would enable me to tap into my core and heal. I continued my forgiveness work and set personal boundaries. Every day I was getting better. After two months, my symptoms were disappearing. I never went back to the doctor.

Today I don't have any symptoms. I married my Love Tim on April 13, 2008.  When I get a popping in my left ear, the ear I lost hearing in, I know it's my body telling me to stop and figure out what changes I need to make. I can honestly say that clear intentions, willingness, surrender, forgiveness and gratitude enabled me to heal.

May the blessings be,
Lisa Doyle-Mitchell

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